Weekend in Duluth

I spent the weekend in Duluth with my partner-in-love’s family. “Uncle Bill” turned 80 or something, and I got to meet parents, sibling, cousins, aunts and uncles. We had a blast and I just wanted to share a few pictures.


This was the view from our hotel room, we stayed near Canal park in Duluth. This was the view from our hotel room. It was nearly 100 degrees while we were there, and I had something like 15 hours of homework to get done over the weekend, but I did see tons of people swimming out to that structure and jumping off into the water. I hear Lake Superior is ice cold, so I’m pretty sure I’d never want to jump into that water, but it did look like fun. Just… south (?) of here, there are two light houses that border a port where we saw some enormous cargo ships coming in to deliver and pick up goods. Not much different than Seattle, but at a much different angle. I’m looking forward to Seattle finishing our waterfront area because Duluth’s is 100 times prettier. I didn’t see any homeless people there.




During our walk along the canal, we stopped into an art gallery. I was impressed with the work of Anna Marie Pavlik, who was born in the Great lakes area, but currently lives in Texas. I love how her etchings incorporate wildlife and living creatures. Zoom into that picture, if you can, you’ll be amazed by how many creatures it takes to keep “Eve” afloat. I love it because it’s dark and full of mysteries. Check out some of her other work at the Women Printmakers of Austin website.



The previous weekend, I had some yard work done and I’m still recovering from that. One reason I chose my home is because I absolutely loved all of the flowers. The first summer we lived here, I spent hours and hours every week in the yard, pulling weeds and watching as new things bloomed. We had flowers all year ’round. I wasn’t doing a perfect job, in fact I think I even wrote about it here, but I loved it. I still would, except that it’s like one of the most expensive cities to live in and going to school doesn’t leave much time for work (hence the scholarship fund on Patreon) and for the past 2 years I haven’t maintained the flower beds. One could, conceivably say, that they’ve gone to shit. Everything was overgrown. The lovely little Belladonna shrub was taller than the house. The Morning Glory (lovely name for an awful plant) had swallowed up the Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons and was even threatening the lilacs. Groundcover vines had completely covered the rock walls and the entire place looked like a haunted house. I got a couple estimates and chose to hire a crew of homeless men. Because homelessness is a big deal here. Thanks to the job, the crew was able to officially get their business licensing and I taught him a few tricks about opening a bank account when you’re on the naughty list and some administrative stuff. I fed them pizza and they ripped out all of my flowers. Honestly, I guess I should have hovered over them a little more and pointed out the clematis, the echinacea, the zinnias, the hollyhocks, the strawberries, the.. ugh.  There were too many to name.  I miss them.  But the yard still looks a hundred times better and if I know ONE THING about gardening in the pacific northwest, it’s that things will continue to grow. The earth is abundant.

Still, I miss this yard:


The family reunion we went to in Wisconsin was at a lake house (because when there are a gazillion lakes, everyone has one in their back yard) and she’d recently done some landscaping. I lusted after the flowers she had and felt inspired. I’m envious of her clematis and the spilling-flowerpot trick was super crafty.










I got home late Sunday night and had to give my Presentation on Belize the following morning at 8am. School is hard. And expensive. And I’m doing well. Except I’ve been blogging now for almost an hour and I still need to study for the final exam in Spanish 1. If you want to track my school stuff, or chip in to my scholarship (because I suck at promoting things) visit me on Patreon at https://patreon.com/LisaRussell and thank you and happy summer 🙂



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