Seattle Staycation For Spring Break

With 2 “grown” kids and 4 younger ones still in the house, life is busy. I brought my mom out to live with us a few months ago and she’s been an enormous help, giving me the time I need to be a good employee (Still can’t believe I’m working for someone else these days). In fact, after less than 3 months with the company, I was promoted to store manager. I could NOT have done that without knowing my mom was here to help with the girls.

But Mom needed a break and went on a trip over Spring Break, so I brought my oldest out to visit for a few days and changed my work schedule a little bit so that we could have somewhat of a Spring Break. We had a blast. Here’s a sampling of our adventures over our Spring Break Staycation:

EMP Museum

IMG_3408 IMG_3410

We went to the EMP Museum, I think it stands for Experience Music Project. We opted for the annual family membership and for our crew, it paid for itself on the first visit. If we’d walked up to the door to pay it would have cost us $115 but since we bought the annual pass it was only $95. Plus, we get gift shop discounts and other goodies (membership always has rewards 😉

I was surprised by how much I really really loved the Indie Game Revolution exhibition. I wasn’t surprised that the kids also enjoyed it, but I’m not terribly “into” video games, so I was super impressed with the way they set up a million game consoles so you could sit down and try the games, plus the signage had quotes from the game designers and artists that helped you learn why *this game* was chosen for the exhibition. Some of the artwork was phenomenal, I was most impressed with Lumino City but the kids got a kick out of Tenya Wanya Teens. Go figure. From what I saw the players had to fart to scare off a skunk.

I was also impressed to see that the Roblox game the kids have been hooked on is actually teaching them some coding skills. On their website, it says: “We’re particularly inspired by the educational theory pioneered by Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab. This theory — labeled “Constructionism” — holds not only that kids learn best when they are in the active roles of designer and builder, but that their learning is optimized when they’re assuming these roles in a public forum.” The role kids play in building their world is through an interface that has them using a sandboxed edition of Lua 5.1 (a real live game-coding language). We played a few games together and took several photos of games we wanted to go home and download.

They had a Star Wars exhibit, one about sci fi movies and an exhibit about horror movies.  It’s designed to seem scary but it’s most definitely NOT scary, Maddy enjoyed the scream booth, that’s what the center photo is all about.

Ride the Ducks

ducks2 ducks3

I was so nervous about this one. These duck trucks (duck boat-truck things) drive through the city and the participants just seem so loud and enthusiastic. I’m not a dud or a party pooper, but I certainly don’t often find myself cheering about inane things or getting ridiculously excited simply because “Pump Up The Jam” is turned up. Luckily, we enjoyed a leisurely ride through the streets of Seattle. The rest of our tour-mates were elderly people, small children and apparently other party poopers and duds. I almost felt bad for the tour guide, whose job description probably includes “whipping tourists into some kind of a frenzy.” There was no frenzy on our tour, thank goodness.

We didn’t buy the membership to this tour, I didn’t even realize there was one when I purchased the tickets and that’s a bummer. Tickets were pricy and I’m not sure I would have bought the membership. It looks like you have to take more than 3 tours in one year in order to make the price worthwhile, which would have cost my family a fortune. Before I went I declared that this would be my one and only duck ride EVER, but since it was so mellow and relaxing I guess I’d do it again… but only once.

Casco Antiguo


This is a delicious restaurant right down the street from my work. I eat there frequently but it’s also become one of the kids’ favorite places to go. The food is always fresh and tasty and incredibly inexpensive for neighborhood and the quality. For adults, there’s a Cantina in the back. Their Hot Pepper margaritas are delicious. If you think you need a side dish, I highly recommend the corn mash. It’s sort of like a creamed corn but it’s got green chiles and plenty of spice. I would not have ordered it myself but once I tried it I had to go back for more. Speaking of going back, this place is SO TASTY that a large majority of people I talk to at work did exactly what I did and revisited it the day after their first trip. And some of us even ate there a third day in a row.

Razzi’s Pizzeria

This is our local pizza shop and we’re so very lucky because they have an exhaustive gluten free menu for me as well as a vegan menu (for my lactose-free kid). We visited on a day when I was extremely tired from working and meetings all day but the staff is always so friendly and everything we’ve eaten has been so yummy. IMG_3370


There was also some mall shopping and some ice cream, some scenic driving and overall girl-goofy fun times.  I am the luckiest mom in the world sometimes.


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