Living on the road forever?

At this moment, it just sounds like so much fun. How is it possible to LUST a lifestyle? Maybe there’s a better word for it, I don’t know. Crave? Yeah- lust feels more accurate.

We’re making progress. We’ve been scouring craigslist for campers in our area (Central Washington) as well as Idaho, Western Washington and Eastern Oregon. But yesterday, for some reason, my husband checked in Portland, Oregon and OHMYGOODNESS- used RV’s are so darn much cheaper there than any of the other areas we’ve checked (which are all pretty comparable- for $5000 ish, we know what to expect. but in Portland and in Vancouver, WA (which are both big cities on opposite sides of the Columbia River) the “late model, gently used RV, preferably diesel RV over 30 feet” sells for like $1500 LESS. No kidding. If we were a smaller family, we could get a perfectly livable one for under $1000. But we’re not a small family. And we have about a month until we can expect to afford one. So I have marked a “weekend in Portland” on our calendar for next month and we plan to make appointments over the weekend to check out used RV’s. Diesel is important, because we want to run it on veggie oil.

Change of plans dot com

yeah- that should be the new name for my travel website that always ends up being a website about how I plan to go somewhere and it doesn’t happen. I need to keep reminding myself that last year I planned a trip that DID happen. it happened because I didn’t depend on anyone else to participate in helping to make it happen. If I’d done that this time, I’d be at Disneyland right now. Instead, I am writing here and making a personal promise to myself that in 2 months we’ll be on our way to Dallas again, because, like last year, I’m not letting anything interfere with this trip. So- I have to go now, it’s an expensive trip and I’m supposed to be working. And I might have another camper to look at. Honestly, I’m not turning away free campers because I’m spoiled, it’s because I have a lot of kids. I wonder if we can just string them all together, like on a roller coaster. On a side note, I’m working on my badass gypsy skillz. I can do hula hoop tricks now I found out where to buy hula hoops you light on fire, which really sounds looks cool. Also, my daughter informed me that she’s working on her pickpocket skills, she does it to amuse people. I’m not so amused :[

What more can I do?

In exactly 1 month we’re supposed to be leaving for a 6 week trip through Washington, Oregon and California. Let’s see how this plays out…

My learning experience

That teeny little camper wouldn’t have worked for us anyway. We’ll keep looking. I know the perfect rig (like my road-wise lingo?) will come to us. I just have to be patient. I’ll be patient all week.

Top Secret free resource for free RV Camping

SO- I found a website called RVThereYet and they have an ingenious method of advertising their services to park owners. You stay there, because you’re staying there already, right. And you print up this certificate. I didn’t look at it, but I imagine it says something like “Hey- these people found your park via if you use this coupon code, you can upgrade your listing on this site, for $xxx. IF the RV park decides to upgrade their listing, YOU get reimbursed for your night’s stay.

Check out the RVThereYet Camp4Free program, what an exciting little program 🙂

Sometime this week…

My little ugly trailer will arrive.

It has a new holding tank and the oven, range & plumbing are in working order. It needs a new ventilation fan and flooring. The fabric on the cushions is in good shape, but that won’t stop me from recovering them with something pretty and.. me. I’m severely inspired by Justin & Tara’s work on Benny (and the fact that they named their camper)

I can’t wait to get the damned thing into my yard and start tearing it up. My husband isn’t down with it. He wants a big, full-sized camper. A Class A. I just want to be mobile. If I end up naming her, maybe it will be Tallulah. She’s a girl. because she’s mine. He’s not into renovating and fixing things, everything we’ve ever had has been a fixer-upper. He’s done with that:) I just want to sand and scrape and recover and paint and take things apart and put them back together. I want her to sparkle and shine and I want shimmery beads and curtains and woven fabrics and… well… gypsy stuff.


We’re already breaking the mold since our children have never been to school, but looking forward to road-schooling is an entirely different issue.

Or is it?

When we first started homeschooling, I was stumped by people’s initial impression that we’d be “doing school at the dining room table.” I mean, why the heck would we duplicate a classroom’s methods at home, when learning is a NATURAL thing? I was surprised how many people “didn’t get” that we could learn from the world, not from books about the world. facing a real-life-road-tripping experience has me realizing that soon we really will be using the world (Or the sea, or the US) as our classroom. Awesome 🙂

Finding Free RV Campsites and Free RV Parks

I’ve found several resources for free RV campsites, free places to spend the night in your RV.

Dangerous Free RV Campsites

First of all, avoid highway rest stops. “Bad guys,” the pirates of the open road, can be anywhere. They park next to you, rob you blind (or worse) and then just drive away while your head is still spinning.  It’s not smart.  Some rest stops have security. If you choose to stop, introduce yourself to the security guard and possibly leave him a tip, if you feel comfortable doing so.  Ask him how safe it is.  It’s better than finding out too late.  The presence of a security guard doesn’t necessarily mean that the area is dangerous.


THIS is the year

This year, we’re outta here.

Boat or RV, we’re leaving.

No more crappy rented house.

No more stupid little town.

No more trapped-by-stuff.

Instead, this year is the year of




Being together

Being somewhere else

Being wherever we want

Meeting new people

Making friends all over the country

Making peace with my gypsy heart, and going to bed each night knowing that I am collecting friends, knowledge, experiences and fun memories with my kids.

This is the year we make our escape.


The dreaming, wishing and fantasizing is over. 2010 is here.  Happy new Year, fellow travelers.

Getting rid of everything

Whether we choose a boat or an RV, we need to get rid of a lot of stuff.

My husband is totally leaning toward boat right now and, faced with MORE snow, I have to agree, cruising the caribbean sounds like a lot of fun. Although one minute in a bikini and I might reconsider.

It’s amazing how many THINGS children accumulate.  I wonder how traveling families do it. Do they ever argue with their kids about not letting the boat or camper get filled up with STUFF?  In my house, I don’t much care if the kids rooms are messy very much because they’re upstairs. In our caravan, it will matter more to me. And they’ll have less room. Will it be a point of stress?