Unreasonable fear?

I know some people blog in order to help their readers. I must confess, I blog here at Gypsymom.com mostly because I’m so excited about this trip that I can’t stand not to share the details, and I’m not yet ready to put them on my normal blog where I might have to discuss them with friends and family.

But here’s my unreasonable fear…

don’t laugh…

I have relatives in the south and we’ll be visiting them. Whenever I tend to see my Aunt Maryann in Mobile, Alabama, I end up talking like I’m from Alabama. It’s true. Whenever we go to Texas, I come home with a little bit of a Texas drawl. I’m from Maryland and my parents live there, I’m sure I’ll end up using a Maryland accent when I say words like “out” and “roof.”

So glad we’re not playing that game

If we "retired" the way the experts say, we could buy a new one of these each year

I read an article today called “How rich is rich?” whereby the idea of traveling and not having to work was approached- much as it always is in mainstream culture- as a goal to “work” for, rather than simply a way of being.


It struck me as I was reading it that a year ago I would not have perceived it the same way. Reading it today, it seemed the silliest of propaganda for a consumer-based culture. Take the following quote, for example:

Hold me up…

Things are coming together and I am falling apart.

Well, we’ve officially gotten the half-hearted blessings of our 13 yr old daughter, who has, up till now, insisted that this trip is designed to ruin her social life.

Also, I’ve created a post on Facebook and I think I’m about to delete it- the comments after only 1/2 an hour make me feel quite positive that I don’t want to share this with everyone yet.

Mainly, I wanted to compile a list of people to visit… houses of friends where we could park overnight so the kids can play in a real yard, perhaps have a slumber party, we can share a meal with another family and explore the area with the guidance or advice of a local.

House plants???

I keep wondering if I’ll be able to bring any of them. I know they’ll need to be secured- I’m thinking a hanging planter might be smart, if there’s somewhere to hang it.

Do RV families get to have houseplants?

If not, I can cope with it, but it sure would be nice to keep a couple of them.

I’ve done so well with getting rid of things this week. The shelves in my living room that were PACKED with books, DVD and VHS movies, nick-knacks, and cd’s are now.. not empty… void of items we don’t want to bring.

I’ll probably have to do one more purge, there are a few books I wasn’t ready to let go of yet. I want to give some away to people in my life who will appreciate them. I listed some on Amazon.com and I’ll be listing more on eBay.com. Some were donated, some were given back to whomever lent them to me (shameful, I know)

The thought that counts – is gratitude

So here I am- all week long- purging, purging, purging- sending stuff to Goodwill, dropping things off at people’s houses, throwing things away- working deep inside closets and bookshelves and my neighbor has a yard sale.

My kids come home with – I swear- 4 trash bags FILLED with stuff.


But I didn’t. it was so sweet to see them giving each other presents, playing so sweetly together, enjoying their new stuff. My 9 yr old got my husband and I a set of matching coffee cups. We have plenty of coffee cups, but she was so excited to be able to give. I’m sure some of the things I’ve given people this week might have been “crap” to them, but it sure felt nice to give it. I need to be more mindful of things like this, I think, and feel gratitude for the love behind the gift, even if it is crap. I should have learned this lesson many years ago. I can’t wait to have a cup of coffee tomorrow, in the goofy bunny rabbit mug that’s destined to be a reminder of “the thought that counts.”

Gypsy tents

click on the picture to see the company's website, they have a million beautiful styles and color combinations

My sister found this company that makes the most beautiful custom tents. I think they’re supposed to be for patio usage- but wouldn’t it be cool to set one up for our outdoor dining wherever we go?
If I owned a spa, I’d totally use these tents in outdoor areas. They’re so… gypsy. They’re so… Harry Potter at the Quidditch playoffs. They’re so… Chronicles of Narnia. they’re so.. The Red Tent.

OOOOOHHHH- If I were planning to buy silk wrap skirts and beaded jewelry at wholesale and sell them at events, I’d totally have to buy a tent like this. And hire a fortune teller.

You don’t really want to do that

The other day my husband and I were visiting with a friend. My husband had just come home from helping another of his friends purchase an RV. I think it was 28 feet, a late 1980’s model. The fridge, stove, oven and air conditioner worked, it had a bathtub and slept up to 5 people. I was too small for our family, but he only paid like $1000 for it.  So my husband was on this emotional RV high, just feeling his friend’s excitement and knowing that one day we’ll be buying ours, too.

Anyway- so we’re visiting with a friend and he says “Yeah, that would be fine for the weekend or something, I guess.  You’d have fun for a little while but you couldn’t like live in it, you’d get sick of it.” and he tells a story of a funny movie he saw where the grandparents sell their house and buy an RV, then they go visit the kids and everyone comes over to sit in the camper for dinner and the grandma starts to cry and says “I want my dining room back.”

Gardening on the road?

a greenhouse you can tow

Towing a greenhouse trailer

We have a huge vegetable garden and fresh foods are so important to me.  I’m willing to sacrifice gardening for life on the road, but I’ve always wondered how difficult it would be to build a little greenhouse on a trailer.  Or- on top of the RV. I know a lot of families have solar panels on top of their campers, I wonder if a greenhouse roof attachment would work out?

I’m also interested in learning more about wild foods we can eat.  I can walk through most of the wild spaces near our house and name the weeds, and tell you how the native people used each plant, both for foods and medicines.  I’d like to know every plant I see, everywhere I go.

Living on the road forever?

At this moment, it just sounds like so much fun. How is it possible to LUST a lifestyle? Maybe there’s a better word for it, I don’t know. Crave? Yeah- lust feels more accurate.

We’re making progress. We’ve been scouring craigslist for campers in our area (Central Washington) as well as Idaho, Western Washington and Eastern Oregon. But yesterday, for some reason, my husband checked in Portland, Oregon and OHMYGOODNESS- used RV’s are so darn much cheaper there than any of the other areas we’ve checked (which are all pretty comparable- for $5000 ish, we know what to expect. but in Portland and in Vancouver, WA (which are both big cities on opposite sides of the Columbia River) the “late model, gently used RV, preferably diesel RV over 30 feet” sells for like $1500 LESS. No kidding. If we were a smaller family, we could get a perfectly livable one for under $1000. But we’re not a small family. And we have about a month until we can expect to afford one. So I have marked a “weekend in Portland” on our calendar for next month and we plan to make appointments over the weekend to check out used RV’s. Diesel is important, because we want to run it on veggie oil.

Change of plans dot com

yeah- that should be the new name for my travel website that always ends up being a website about how I plan to go somewhere and it doesn’t happen. I need to keep reminding myself that last year I planned a trip that DID happen. it happened because I didn’t depend on anyone else to participate in helping to make it happen. If I’d done that this time, I’d be at Disneyland right now. Instead, I am writing here and making a personal promise to myself that in 2 months we’ll be on our way to Dallas again, because, like last year, I’m not letting anything interfere with this trip. So- I have to go now, it’s an expensive trip and I’m supposed to be working. And I might have another camper to look at. Honestly, I’m not turning away free campers because I’m spoiled, it’s because I have a lot of kids. I wonder if we can just string them all together, like on a roller coaster. On a side note, I’m working on my badass gypsy skillz. I can do hula hoop tricks now I found out where to buy hula hoops you light on fire, which really sounds looks cool. Also, my daughter informed me that she’s working on her pickpocket skills, she does it to amuse people. I’m not so amused :[