How she makes a living

I work as a freelance writer. I have articles published online and in print. I’ve also ghost-written eBooks. I work with web designers, writing and marketing agencies as well as directly with small businesses and individuals. For information about using my writing services, please visit Words by Lisa to see what services I have to offer.

I also earn income from a niche blogging empire I developed between 2007 and 2011, which includes affiliate sales income, advertising income and income for posting sponsored content. If you’re interested in learning more about writing for income, please visit my website, 30queries in 30 days

I also sell stock photography and license images for use in print ad campaigns. Information on getting started in that business is available at the 30 queries website as well.

Another source of income for me is through a home party distribution business. Passion Parties are the Ultimate Girl’s Night In. We sell products that help increase intimacy in relationships and promote women’s sexual health.

My final source of income actually started off as a very bad late-night margarita. I bought a truckload of children’s toys (had to rent a warehouse and forklift to process it all). I sell these through my store, Jabbersocky on Amazon and sometimes locally.