Like the Hobos of the Sea

cargo I just read an article called Secret Tourism: Traveling the World on a Freight Ship and it seems so awesome. I mean- the idea of a cruise, where everyone is stuck on the boat and maybe the food is included but isn’t it all the same and everything is social but do you really WANT to be social with all those people? And forced gratuities…. just didn’t seem like something I was terribly interested in except for the fact that it would be an experience and something I can say I’ve done.  SO I still might do it.  But this, THIS sounds so much more adventurous. I’ve bookmarked the three websites she links to for more information but I’m saving them here mostly for my reference, but you can check them out too:

Cargo Cruises: Discovering the World in a New Way

Their website clearly tries to sell the idea of cargo cruises but I had a hard time finding prices. they had routes listed but I didn’t see dates of availability. Also, I’d really like to see more about the cabins.

Maris Freighter Cruises

This company’s website is a little easier to understand and they seem to have a lot of routes. I’m looking specifically at adventures that could conceivably start and end within the same month of July because that’s when my kids will all be with their dad.  I can’t wait til I’m not supposed to be studying or working so I can explore this more. It looks like I can get from Vancouver BC to China in like 3 days at $90 per day.  WHAT?  That’s awesome.

Freighter Trips is more of an agency that handles the bookings, whereas the other sites were from the actual freight companies. I haven’t compared the prices yet but it seems that since the companies themselves aren’t designed to manage a bunch of travel plans and their booking methods seem so varied it might be wise to just pay a  little extra (it’s so cheap already) to use the agency.  I’m not that smart, I still plan to research every single option because this company says it’s $100 a day and the ones I saw were like $80 so I still need some convincing.  However- if you’re traveling lightly you only need to book for the days you’re traveling.  I mean, you’d get off of the ship and stay somewhere so the daily price would only be for the days you’re in transit.  So two days to get to China is still only $200. That’s absofreakinglutely amazing.  Who wants to share an adventure with me?  Looking at their info, they don’t have but one city listed in Asia; Columbo Sri Lanka? No Shanghai, no Hong Kong.  Maybe this only represents one company.  The name links to the Port Authority, not specific route info.  Maybe they ARE an agency trying to make it confusing by not distributing helpful info so that you’ll end up using their service. Interesting…

SeaPlus Freighter Travel

Seems like another agency, it’s so confusing.  On second look, maybe they’re the ultimate authority. they have a page that links to shipping companies and another that’s for freighter agencies.  Well, that makes it easy.  OK, mental note to self: When I decide to re-address the possibilities here, check out this website first.


Also, if you’re wondering why this sounds like fun to me, read some of the Voyage Logs of people who have used this form of travel, it seems SOOOOOOOOOO peaceful and relaxing and no-frills and completely wonderful in a “You won’t believe what I did this summer” kind of way.


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