Life is still good

Every year since 2011 my kids and I have attended the Life is Good conference in Vancouver, Washington.  As a stay-home mom conference was a refreshing time when my ex and I could theoretically “share” parenting responsibilities, which meant I’d have time to socialize with the women.  This year, however, since I’ve been working full time, I’m mostly looking forward to just hanging out with my kids.  Sure, I’ll get some mom-time with the ladies, but most of our itinerary involves funshops and games and a field trip to OMSI, exploring Portland and Vancouver and other fun times.  My mom is out of town this week for a family reunion so I cut down my work schedule a bit and I’ve been spending more time at home. Preparing for conference (without spending a fortune) means cooking.  We’ve laid out an entire week’s worth of meals and snacks and I’ve been kitchening like crazy, packaging up everything we’re going to need in order to keep from starving to death or eating out in desperation.  Eating out is NOT IN THE BUDGET. It’s just not.

I’m sure I’ll blog again after the conference. I’m slightly neurotic about being away from work for an entire 6 days. We’ve each made a thousand lists of “things to bring” and I’m hoping my current “up at 4am” sleep schedule doesn’t get too interrupted.

And.. just to remind me to take pictures, here are my Flickr photo albums from previous conferences:

Life is Good 2011

Life is Good 2012

Life is Good 2013

Life is Good 2014

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