Life is Good Conference Recap 2017

Life is Good Conference Review My legs are still wobbly from using the stairs to avoid waiting for an elevator during our 7th year attending the Life is Good Conference in Oregon.  This year it was at the Embassy Suites in Tigard, Oregon. It’s about 20 minutes from Portland.  My kids haven’t unpacked yet and the car isn’t even entirely unloaded.  There were tears on the way home, saying goodbye to your favorite people is always hard and listening to Evie bemoan the fact that it was over broke my heart, we both cried.

Last year, I sort of missed the conference. I was sick in my room the entire time and only came out for one workshop.  I didn’t realize when I left that I’d be sick for another 3 months, that I’d end up quitting my job and re-launching my freelance writing business simply because I can’t NOT have income, and it’s a job I can do while lying in bed literally incapacitated even after I ran out of sick pay.

I knew it wasn’t healthy to be working as much as I was but I didn’t realize that it was making me so sick.

This year was different, I was feeling physically better than I have for years and mentally worse than I have for years, I arrived with a purpose to enjoy every minute of the conference and not spend a single unnecessary moment hanging out in my room.  After being sick the entire time last year, I didn’t want to miss a single hug.  Nevermind that conferences are constructed with a schedule of workshops and funshops and speeches and panel discussions and circle chats that are designed to make our lives as unschoolers easier to navigate. In previous years, attending as a single parent didn’t give me much opportunity to tuck into a workshop when I needed to be central and accessible for my kids. So this was my year.

99.9% of the stress that’s been on my mind lately has been financial. Yes, I’m home with my kids but I’m not making nearly enough to feel secure and we almost didn’t even make it to the conference at all. All of my attention for the past few months has been focused on two things 1- pitying myself for not being able to afford life much and 2- working too much so that we could at least afford life a little. For this year’s conference, I only had one focus and that was enjoying life, being surrounded by families that I have a deep connection with, attending workshops and funshops with people who I can relate to and love dearly.  Nothing is more exhilarating than having your life’s purpose supported and  encouraged by people who are also “in it.”

I don’t have a lot more to say, in the interest of self-care, I need to go eat something because it’s noon. We have a lazyish day planned, of emotionally decompressing and getting back to reality.  Post-conference emotions run high, every year.

My only final thought here is that I love our LiG community so very much, and I look forward to next year’s conference.

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