Getting OUT of Dodge

Ok, perhaps over the past year or so you’ve noticed that I haven’t ACTUALLY gone anywhere except an East coast funeral. That’s not exactly a vacation, is it? Lack of travel can drive a gypsy nuts. Seriously. I’m not made to sit still. I blogged last week that I was getting a divorce, even. But so far all that’s transpired is that my husband is committed himself to making SURE I get to go places. He’s taken me out to dinner and at that time, he didn’t even know it was such a big deal to me. It’s working, so far we’ve taken a day trip and an overnight (the first EVER since we had kids). Plus he’s taken me out to eat a few times. I guess we’re falling in love again.

Next month, I will be traveling ALONE and I am so darned excited, my head could explode. I’m going to be speaking at the Life Rocks Conference in North Conway, New Hampshire. It was a difficult decision, to go without the kids, but I’m really looking forward to allowing myself to become immersed in the environment, with no responsibilities and the freedom to explore. My plane flies in and out of Boston and I’ve always wanted to explore Boston. I can’t wait. I’m so so so excited 🙂

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