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Officially a sewer

No, not a sewage sewer, a sewing sewer. Not sowing, SEWING. When I was about 10, my mom sent me with the keys to get something out of her trunk and I discovered our Easter basket presents hiding inside.  One was for me and one was for my sister.  One was a sewing kit in […]

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The art in our house

I used to fantasize about being able to afford to have a beautiful home.  I’m not the girl who has any specific design specifications, I don’t have a favorite style of decor. I tend to like modern decor more and more as I get older. I totally hate white walls, I am also not a […]

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Covered in paint…

In my definition of Gypsy, there’s a lot of art.  I enjoy painting. 15 Years ago when my soon-to-be-ex-husband and I were living in Lynnwood, Washington (curiously it’s an 8 mile drive that takes almost an hour sometimes) we had an apartment in a corporate housing area. Many of our neighbors were in Lynnwood on […]

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