About GypsyMom

I’m Lisa Russell. I am the happiest divorced lady in the world, I’m sure of it. I have six daughters and began this site when I was (married and) hoping to take an extended road trip with my kids. I used this site to plan and dream about where we’d go and what we’d see and do. I predicted that life on the road would shine a light on our family relationships, but I didn’t realize how ugly the marriage was until I saw it in that light. It ended ugly. But beginning again has been the most beautiful thing. Life is so peaceful and happy now.

Travel is still an important part of life and now we seem to enjoy a lot more travel than ever before, even if it’s just our weekly 700 mile round-trip commute back and forth to our alternative schooling program. We’re looking forward to more explorations in our own backyard (The continental US) as well as hopefully trips outside the country and even around the world. The world is ours, now.

I have worked from home since December of 2007 when our family business closed down. I love that I’m not tied to any location, as long as I can get online regularly to retrieve and submit my work. I write web content, design blogs and websites and operate niche blogs in a variety of topic areas. I’m working on a book and also attending college online full time.

I think three paragraphs is a sufficient explanation but I’d also like to throw out there that I love hoop dancing and my serger. There, I think that’s it.