50 Things I’ll do on the road

Ok- I just put 50 for the hell of it. It’s a random number just because I plan to number these items so I can refer to them later. There will probably be more than 50, which will be funny later when I say “Number 75 on my list of 50 things to do” but I’m getting ahead of myself.

1 – master hula hoop tricks and spread hoop love everywhere we go
2-4 – go on a nighttime walking ghost tour of Salem, Boston, Savannah and New Orleans
5- Watch the Disney World fireworks with my kids
6- Swim with dolphins
7- see Mt Rushmore
8- pan for gold
9- see real lava
10- snorkel with sea turtles
11- learn to Scuba dive
12- dive for treasure in the gulf coast, where sunken ships are just everywhere, right?
13- float down the spring-fed river in San Marcos
14- sail from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
15- Spend a week with no electricity in the Green Mountains
16- See Dollywood.
17- Nashville (visit my cousin) and the Grand ole Opry
18- Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in MN, I think
19- Ice skate on a real frozen pond
20- Burning Man
21- A rainbow gathering
22- Visit my mom, dad & grandparents in Maryland
23- Smithsonian
24- Liberty Bell
25- eat fresh honey
26- tour a million factories
27- spend a week working on a farm, really working- like milking cows
28- dig for opals
29- spelunking in Arizona
30- rapelling
31- kayaking
32- swimming in Clearwater, Florida
33- soak naked in a hot spring
34- rollerblade Venice beach with my kids
35- buy badass vintage clothing and resell it at the trendy overpriced thrift shops on Melrose Avenue in LA
36- buy antiques at auction in the midwest and resell them in California
37- decorate my RV to look very gypsy with purples, reds, beads and fringe
38- sleep outside more often than I sleep inside
39- naturally wake with the sun
40- sing around a campfire with my family
41- eat a fish we caught that day
42- recognize wild edibles and enjoy eating them
43- take better pictures
44- sell my paintings
45- see the beauty in everyone we meet
46- make startling realizations that shatter assumptions I thought were facts
47- stand on top of something really tall- like the edge of the Grand Canyon- and shout something very important, as loudly as I can
48- watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean
49- Watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean (OK- I’ve done that, but I put it here anyway)
50- Make out under a waterfall
51- find me some of them thar Tennessee River pearls
52- watch my kids catch fireflies in a jar (I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one sooner)
53- go wherever my husband can drive or make a go┬ákart- he’s wanted one his whole life
54- Times Square for New Year’s eve – Christmas in New York
55- kayak San Marcos river in Texas
56-Connecticut fall leaves
57- real maple syrup season with friends in New Hampshire
58- fresh lobster in Maine
59- blue crab feast in Maryland
60- I wanna go to Circus school to learn how to trapeze for real, probably in Boulder or Longmont because they have hooping stuff, too
61- spend a day or so lounging at one of those awesome Las Vegas swimming pools
62- see the Rockettes in New York City
63- take my daughter Grace to see Graceland, she really wants to go
64- Grace also wants to ride in a submarine
65- Smithsonian and DC – for like a month
66- spelunking in caves in Kentucky
67- Black Hills, Montana
68- helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
69- Wear a hoodie & sunglasses in Los Angeles to see if we can get mistaken for celebrities and hounded by papparazzi (and film it, of course)
70- Tour Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina
71- Visit the Juliet Gordon Low birthplace and Museum in Savannah
72- Kayak upstream to the Hoover Dam and pull over to hike the Emerald Cave and Peridot cave and soak in the hot springs.
73- climb an avocado tree and stay up there for as long as I can
74- sleep on a public beach
75- bonfire party on the beach (are those still legal?)
76- learn to surf
77- paragliding
78- ride in a hot air balloon
79- Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (only open to the public the last week of October)